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Past Events at the Bloomsbury Institute

In the past, we've hosted some incredible authors, books and special guests. Our literary events encompass a vast array of topical issues, important trends and the latest and greatest new reads. Attend an event with us and see what's upcoming at the Bloomsbury Institute.   

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MARCH 23rd: Giles Tremlett and Jimmy Burns in conversation on Isabella of Castile: Europe's First Great Queen, in partnership with the British Spanish Society

JANUARY 24th: Bloomsbury Book Club: The Silk Roads with Peter Frankopan and Gideon Rachmann 


NOVEMBER 24th: Sarah Crossan in conversation with Tanya Landman
NOVEMBER 16th: The Life and Times of Jean-Paul Sartre
OCTOBER 11th: Day of the Girl: An event with Womankind
OCTOBER 6th: Teaching Classics in the Modern World
SEPTEMBER 8th: The Sexual Politics of Meat, Carol Adams in conversation with Sara Pascoe
JULY 13th: Object Lessons: a conversation about the hidden meaning of ordinary things
JUNE 26th: Bloomsbury Book Club with Kate Summerscale
JUNE 20th: IZA World of Labor Brexit Debate
JUNE 16th: Addicted To The Game: A sports writing salon with Simon Barnes & Emma John
MAY 17th: Bloomsbury Book Club with Alexei Sayle
MAY 10th: Bloomsbury Book Club with Erwin James
MAY 5th:  Does Philosophy Matter? Professor MM McCabe, Constantine Sandis and chaired by Liza Thompson  
APRIL 19th: Don't Stop Me Now: Vassos Alexander
MARCH 17th: Bloomsbury Book Club with Meg Rosoff
FEBRUARY 23rd: An Evening with Stephen Poliakoff

DECEMBER 12th: Bloomsbury Book Club with John Lahr
NOVEMBER 25th: Women, Literature and Feminism with Jacqueline Rose, Georgina Harding and Laura Bates
NOVEMBER 17th: Bloomsbury Book Club with Adam Sisman
NOVEMBER 10th: An evening with Willy Russell
NOVEMBER 4th: Writing Salon with Karen Campbell and Michelle Roberts
OCTOBER 14th: Greeks versus Romans: A Classics Debate
OCTOBER 7th: Bloomsbury Book Club with Stephen Kelman
SEPTEMBER 29th: Bloomsbury Book Club with Justin Cartwright
JULY 9th: Untold Stories, Unheard Voices: On Diversity in Literature
JUNE 23rd: Bloomsbury Book Club with Hannah Rothschild
MAY 14th: Bloomsbury Book Club with Polly Samson
APRIL 15th: Sophie and the Sibyl: Book Club with Patricia Duncker
MARCH 24th: The Bloomsbury Set: Book Club with Priya Parmar
FEBRUARY 25th: Short Story Evening with Jon McGregor, Eliza Robertson and Lucy Wood
JANUARY 29th: Salon on Luxury: History, Culture, Consumption

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