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Past Events at the Bloomsbury Institute

In the past, we've hosted some incredible authors, books and special guests. Our literary events encompass a vast array of topical issues, important trends and the latest and greatest new reads. Attend an event with us and see what's upcoming at the Bloomsbury Institute.   

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NOVEMBER 21st: Acclaimed foreign correspondent Caroline Brothers and journalist Anita Sethi on writing about conflict in troubled times. 

NOVEMBER 15TH: Popular Historian and award-winning TV producer Deborah Cadbury presented a talk on her new book, Queen Victoria's Matchmaking.

OCTOBER 31st: Acclaimed playwrights James Graham and Dan Rebellato discussed writing politics for the stage. Watch on Facebook >>

OCTOBER 26th: The Enduring Popularity of Gothic Ficton with Laura Purcell, Joanna Briscoe, Jeremy Sheldon and chaired by Danuta Kean. Watch on YouTube >> 
OCTOBER 19th: As part of the Bloomsbury Festival 2017, a special presentation 'The Story of My Second Sight' by Vanessa Potter

OCTOBER 10th: Raising Girls: A day of the girl panel for mothers2mothers charity with Anna Williamson, Juliet McGrattan, Emma France and chaired by Harriet Minter 
SEPTEMBER 21st: Panel event for London Design Festival 2017 on "Design as a Force for Social Change" with  Bloomsbury authors Dr Catharine Rossi, Professor Alan Male and Dr Russell Bestley and chaired by Catherine Flood, curator at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Watch on YouTube >>

SEPTEMBER 12th: An evening with the incomparable Lucy Worsley on her books for younger children. Watch a clip on YouTube >>

AUGUST 17th: Natasha Pulley and Samantha Shannon talk to Debi Alper on where next for Fantasy fiction. Watch on YouTube >>
JULY 11th: Lydia Edwards in conversation with Barbara Brownie on how to read a dress across five centuries. Watch on YouTube >>

JUNE 27th: Philip Lymbery in conversation with Bill Oddie on the myths of factory farming and the Dead ZoneWatch on YouTube >>

JUNE 15th: Oliver Ford Davies and Dr Abigail Rokison-Woodall on Shakespeare's Fathers and DaughtersWatch on YouTube >>

MAY 18th: Julia Hobsbawm in conversation with Viv Groskop on being Fully Connected. Watch on YouTube >>

MAY 4th: Jenny Landreth and Vivienne Rickman-Poole on female swimming pioneers and Swell: A Waterbiography. Watch on Youtube >>

APRIL 27TH: Tim Pears in conversation with Alex Clark about The Horseman

MARCH 23rd: Giles Tremlett and Jimmy Burns in conversation on Isabella of Castile: Europe's First Great Queen, in partnership with the British Spanish Society

JANUARY 24th: Bloomsbury Book Club: The Silk Roads with Peter Frankopan and Gideon Rachmann 


NOVEMBER 24th: Sarah Crossan in conversation with Tanya Landman
NOVEMBER 16th: The Life and Times of Jean-Paul Sartre
OCTOBER 11th: Day of the Girl: An event with Womankind
OCTOBER 6th: Teaching Classics in the Modern World
SEPTEMBER 8th: The Sexual Politics of Meat, Carol Adams in conversation with Sara Pascoe
JULY 13th: Object Lessons: a conversation about the hidden meaning of ordinary things
JUNE 26th: Bloomsbury Book Club with Kate Summerscale
JUNE 20th: IZA World of Labor Brexit Debate
JUNE 16th: Addicted To The Game: A sports writing salon with Simon Barnes & Emma John
MAY 17th: Bloomsbury Book Club with Alexei Sayle
MAY 10th: Bloomsbury Book Club with Erwin James
MAY 5th:  Does Philosophy Matter? Professor MM McCabe, Constantine Sandis and chaired by Liza Thompson  
APRIL 19th: Don't Stop Me Now: Vassos Alexander
MARCH 17th: Bloomsbury Book Club with Meg Rosoff
FEBRUARY 23rd: An Evening with Stephen Poliakoff
DECEMBER 12th: Bloomsbury Book Club with John Lahr
NOVEMBER 25th: Women, Literature and Feminism with Jacqueline Rose, Georgina Harding and Laura Bates
NOVEMBER 17th: Bloomsbury Book Club with Adam Sisman
NOVEMBER 10th: An evening with Willy Russell
NOVEMBER 4th: Writing Salon with Karen Campbell and Michelle Roberts
OCTOBER 14th: Greeks versus Romans: A Classics Debate
OCTOBER 7th: Bloomsbury Book Club with Stephen Kelman
SEPTEMBER 29th: Bloomsbury Book Club with Justin Cartwright
JULY 9th: Untold Stories, Unheard Voices: On Diversity in Literature
JUNE 23rd: Bloomsbury Book Club with Hannah Rothschild
MAY 14th: Bloomsbury Book Club with Polly Samson
APRIL 15th: Sophie and the Sibyl: Book Club with Patricia Duncker
MARCH 24th: The Bloomsbury Set: Book Club with Priya Parmar
FEBRUARY 25th: Short Story Evening with Jon McGregor, Eliza Robertson and Lucy Wood
JANUARY 29th: Salon on Luxury: History, Culture, Consumption

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Past events at Bloomsbury Publishing
A.C. Grayling  
Abigail Rokison-Woodall 
Adam Sisman 
Adrian Lester  
Alan Male
Al Alvarez 
Alex Heminsley 
Alexei Sayle 
Allie Renison
Aminatta Forna 
Andrea Stuart 
Anita Bean 
Anita Sethi
Ann Morgan
Anne Zouroundi 
Anna Williamson
Barbara Brownie 
Ben Macintyre 
Bill Oddie 
Catharine Rossi
Catherine Flood
Carlos Acosta  
Carol J. Adams 
Caroline Brothers 
Charles Saumarez Smith 
Claire McGowen 
D.W. Wilson
Daisy Buchanan 
Damian Barr
Dan Rebellato 
Danuta Kean
Deborah cadbury
Edmund White 
Eliza Robertson 
Elizabeth Gilbert  
Emma John
Emma France
Emma Claire Sweeney 
Erwin James 
Esther Freud 
Gabrielle Walker
Geoffrey Charles Van Orden 
Geoffrey Colman
Germaine Greer
Gervais Williams 
Graeme Obree
Guy Standing
Hannah Rothschild
Harriet Minter
Harry Eyres
Howard Jacobson
James Graham
James Runcie
Jane Rushbridge
Jenny Landreth 
Jeremy Sheldon
Joanna Briscoe
John Lahr
John Mullan
Jon McGregor
Jon McGregor 
Jonathan Aitken
Jonathan Portes 
Julia Hobsbawm 
Julie Corbin
Juliet McGrattan
Justin Cartwright 
Kamila Shamsie 
Karen Campbell 
Kate Colquhoun
Kate Summerscale
Khaled Hosseini 
Kwasi Kwarteng
L. Alan Winters 
Laura Purcell
Laurens de Groot
Lawrence Norfolk
Leo Hollis
Liars' League
Lolita Chakrabarti
Liz Jensen
Lucie Whitehouse
Lucy Wood
Lucy Worsley
Lydia Edwards
Lynn Barber 
Margaret Atwood
Mark Haddon 
Meg Rosoff
Mia Freedman
Michael Dobson
Michael Frayn
Michael Hutchinson
Michele Roberts
Nadine Gordimer
Natasha Pulley 
Nick Lake 
Oliver Ford Davies
P.D. Smith 
Patricia Duncker
Patrick McGrath
Peter Frankopan
Phil Coggan 
Philip Lymbery
Polly Samson
Priya Parmar
Raymond Blanc
Reni Eddo-Lodge
Rob Doyle
Roshi Fernando 
Romesh Gunesekera 
Russell Norman
Russell Bestley
Sally Brampton
Sally Gardner
Samantha Shannon
Sara Pascoe
Sarah Crossan
Scott Jurek
Selina Hastings
Sheila Hancock
Simon Barnes
Simon Stephens

Every past guest of the Bloomsbury Institute

Simon Russell Beale
Stella Rimington
Stephen Kelman
Stephen Poliakoff
Suzanne Joinson
Tanya Landman
Tim Pears
Tom Campbell
Tom Kerridge 
Tom McLaughlin
Tom Wilkinson 
Vanessa Gebbie 
Vassos Alexander
Viv Groskop
Vivienne Rickman-Poole
Will Self
William Boyd
William Dalrymple 
Willy Russell

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